FireChief Coatings™ products conform to International EPA, FDA and current Volatile Organic Content regulations being a zero VOC classified product. Available to you in 50 gallon drums, 275 gallon IBC totes, and 300 gallon IBC totes.

FireChief Coatings™ manufactured colorant coating products are water solvent, 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly and completely harmless to humans, wildlife, domestic pets and any localised landscaped environment.

FireChief Coatings™ is manufactured to ensure the lowest carbon footprint industrial process. Where practicable formulation ingredients, are selected from renewable and natural locally sourced resources and manufactured using state of the art low emissions machinery.

FireChief Coatings™ patented fire resistant products use a common organic fertilizer to achieve fire resistance of coated wood fibre products; to not support a flame when the fuel source is spent, reducing the risk of major fire development. This fertilizer is used annually by farmers worldwide preventing extraction of nutrients from the soil caused by some organic mulch products, and will actually release trace element fertilizers to subsoil’s unlocking bacteria activity, promoting healthy flora fauna root growth development.

FireChief Coatings™ are formulated using the latest in natural sealing bonding resin technologies. When fully cured, colorants will lock colour in around the coated organic fibre particle to produce a durable, high quality performing end product. Bonding prevents future leaching of color from the resulting products and protects the fire resistant properties for a period of approximately 12 months depending on localized weather conditions.

FireChief Coatings™ are pigment calibrated to be used with all existing wet colorant coloring systems with minor system adjustment; promoting reduction of water to produce end product that results in being less moisture saturated. Included in FireChief Coatings™ formulation are modern approved coating additives to resist the colonization of certain targeted moulds, that can establish in wet anaerobic conditions often found in bagged retail wood fibre products.

FireChief Coatings™ is used in the same way as existing standard pigmented wood fibre colorant products and the benefits of new dispersion technology discovered in the development stages of FireChief Coatings™.

FireChief Coatings™ is warrentied with extended product storage (2 to 5 years) without sticky pigment settlement to the bottom of product container that can not be reused. FireChief Coatings™ is formulated to thicken up, releasing water to the surface, sealing its top surface. This thickened colorant returns to liquid when exposed to any form of agitation ready for immediate use. This technology is similar to that of paint technologies and is truly unique to FireChief Coatings™.  For more information see our TDS sheets.

FireChief Coatings™ is the next generation pigmented colorant coating system, that provides modern technology to produce safer fire resistant wood fibre retail products and improved commercial performance for the same cost of regular standard products.