How to use FireChief Coatings™ treated mulches.

FireChief Coatings™ coated mulch products are the highest quality, biodegradable, non-toxic, environmental fire resistant, wood fibre media; that can be used over internal and external areas safely.

FireChief Coatings™ actively forms a natural sealing bond around the coated organic mulch particle when dry. This prevents leaching of color from the product and further protects the fire resistant properties for a period of approximately   8-12 months.

FireChief Coatings™ is 100% harmless when coming into contact with humans, wildlife, domestic pets and landscaped environments.

FireChief Coatings™ treated mulches should be applied to the landscape areas to a depth of 2”– 4” (50-100mm). This mulch will provide the perfect microclimate, water retention and fertilizing properties ensuring healthy strong root and plant establishment. Raking of the mulch should be implemented at 4-6 month intervals to rejuvenate the landscape areas promoting aeration of the soil, and maintaining optimum plant growing conditions. If your localized weather environment promotes the accelerated break down of the mulch it will be necessary to top dress these landscaped areas, to retain the fire resistant properties of the product. Treated mulch will harmlessly break down to a soil conditioner enriching the soil promoting plant health, guaranteeing a healthy landscaped green zone that will provide a valuable protection barrier in the landscaped zone from risk of fire.

Colored FireChief Coatings™mulches can be applied to be a warning to the general public of fire risk in certain environments, and to provide a protective barrier zone that will prevent accidental fire or secondary fire at an economical cost, saving fire fighters resources/budgets and preventing a major fire establishment at the source.