FireChief Coatings™ colorants conform to standard wood fibre colorants and are used in exactly the same way to produce decorative mulches as standard colorant products. If you manufacture quality decorative mulches already then you do not need to make any special manufacturing application process or purchase specialised machinery to use FireChief Coatings™ colorants.

FireChief Coatings™ products turns highly flammable waste recovered wood fibre in to fire resistant high quality decorative landscape mulch media, introducing diversity of color in dry arid landscapes, while improving the localized growing environment for all flora fauna.

FireChief Coatings™ coated products can be used to replace decorative stone which compacts soil reducing subsoil oxygen levels, moisture retention and cause heat refection killing the landscape flora fauna.

FireChief Coatings™ applied mulches you will see better plant health, in turn enhancing the landscape ecology and its natural resistance to fire, retaining moisture in the soil with out a fire risk.

FireChief Coatings™ mulch products provide a safer fire risk environment:

  • Applied at selected roadside junctions, and verges where cigarettes are discarded on to the landscapes of high fire risk, for example grasslands or forest areas.
  • Applied to landscapes that are within public leisure areas for example national forest/parks, themed leisure parks, gas stations, industrial buildings, public buildings, sports complexes and residential properties.
  • Applied to internal landscaped themed areas and flora fauna display containers.
  • Mulch manufacturing production yards will have improved fire risk for stored products.

FireChief Coatings™ coated mulches will reduce the risk of accidental fires and provide a natural firebreak to prevent fires spreading to a secondary fuel source. It is a fact that can now not be ignored, that current standard wood fibre coloured products are a high fire risk and product liability will soon become the responsibility of the manufacturer. Mulch fires are constantly on the increase

FireChief Coatings™ will reduce and eliminate fire risk in mulches and wood fibre retail products.