FireChief Coatings™ invites you to review our exclusive patented range of fire resistant wood fibre colorant coatings. We are the only company in the world to manufacture environmental water solvent biodegradable pigmented fire resistant coatings. FireChief Coatings™ coated manufactured products provide protection from accidental and secondary fire risk; inevitably saving lives, property and fire fighters budgets.

FireChief Coatings™ is a Patent protected product of Prisum Coatings Canada Inc. Established in 2004, a specialized Canadian coatings manufacturer of environmental, high- tech coatings that are used in Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Architectural applications Worldwide. FireChief Coatings™ is one of the many innovative coating products invented, formulated and patented by Prisum Coatings Canada Inc. FireChief Coatings™ has been in development since 2005 and is now available to the International market after seven years of innovative product formulation and testing.

During our research and development, FireChief Coatings™ withstood rigorous testing  including large scale production for projects in the Middle East region. Results were successful for fire resistant performance and durability, of FireChief Coatings™ coated landscape mulch, manufactured from wood waste packaging fibre, performing in harsh arid weather environments. FireChief Coatings™ treated materials are approved for use in Wildfire zones. As recommended by research conducted by the University of Nevada and California “The Combustibility of Landscape Mulches”. This valuable independent research information expedited in 2008 enabled an improved formulation modification of FireChief Coatings™, to achieve an improved performance for harsh extreme wildfire conditions.

Governments have now enforced by law “no smoking” zones inside habitual environments worldwide, forcing smokers to permitted smoking zones outside buildings. This has resulted in a dramatic increase of accidental cigarette fires, in flammable mulches that have a potential to become major fire incidents. These increasing fire incidents are now costing millions of dollars for property insurance claims, depleting fire departments budgets,exposing animals, and humans, to serious injuries or loss of life.FireChief Coatings™ fire resistant colorants are the next generation of wood fibre pigmented coating systems. Replacing current standard mulch pigmented colorants at no extra cost for our patented advanced coating technology.

FireChief Coatings™ are available to existing or new commercial manufacturers of decorative landscape mulches, that want to convert their organic wood fibre in to fire safe retail products. Achieving new fire safety standards for a broad spectrum of highly flammable resource recovered, recycled, forestry wood fibre and shaving retail products.

FireChief technology provides a new choice to all wood fibre product manufacturers reduce your product liability make your products FireChief safe. Alternately if you want to continue using standard wood fibre colorants, provide product warning to your customers, that your products are a highly flammable fire risk to cover your product liability it’s the law. Prisum Coatings Canada Inc welcomes your inquiries for FireChief Coatings™ products, to make the World a little bit safer; at no extra cost to reduce fire risk and to contribute to fire prevention.