Mulch has become a popular decorative part of many suburban landscapes. It is sold in a variety of colors and textures. Yet, there seems to be an increasing number of fires in which the first ignited
item is actually the mulch.

As investigators, we have seen “mulch” fires in New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. There are probably “mulch stories” around the country but most being handled as a routine matter in which little
damage results. In Salisbury Maryland city firefighters responded and used water to quell what amounted to a flower bed burning covered with red mulch. The problem was that there was a building
sitting along the bed of mulch with a combustible exterior. If not extinguished quickly a mulch fire can escalate to a major event from a troublesome small fire… more

Many thanks to the reference for this article, written and released by the Vermont Chapter: International Association of Arson Investigators.

Thomas Williams and Michael Lane. “MULCH FIRES-WHAT SHOULD THE LABEL SAY.” The Vermont Chapter: International Association of Arson Investigators Website, 2013. Accessed October 8th 2013